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Student Jailed After Twisted Web Of Lies Destroyed Lecturer’s Life

By / November 29, 2016

If you were looking for Christmas cheer then apologies, you wont be finding much of that in this story. A student has been jailed after her web of lies were exposed, a web of lies that ruined her lecturers life and went to extremes that are hard to believe.

Elisa Bianco, a 22-year-old from Cornwall, pretended that she had terminal cancer and that her parents abused her before moving in with lecturer Sally Rettallack.

Elisa met Sally, a mother of four, on a college course. Elisa lied and told her tutor that her mother and step-father were alcoholics. She claimed to suffer several panic attacks each day, with Sally always being called to help.

Soon she would show Sally fake letters that diagnosed her with various illnesses. One day Elisa showed up with a black eye and claimed that her mother had caused it. A couple of weeks after finishing college in 2012 Elisa showed up to Sallys home asking for somewhere to stay for a few days.

After inventing emails that were supposedly from her parents, a few days turned into a few months. Elisa returned from a brief stint at university claiming to have blood in her urine and collapsed arteries. Back into Sallys family home, she pretended to undergo a kidney removal in February 2013. She had even started calling her Mum.

When Sally pressured her to get a job she said that she couldnt as she had a benign tumour on her other kidney, a story which was backed up with more fake letters. Sally dropped her off to the hospital each day, where she would sit in the caf in her pyjamas and buy dressings to make it appear as though she had undergone some kind of treatment.

“She said her condition was deteriorating – her cancer was malignant and growing – and eventually she told them she had three months to live and produced more forged letter and hospital forms to convince them.”

Sallys husband grew fed up with Elisas impact upon family life and left. After he was gone, Elisa started sleeping in Sallys bed so that she could receive care around the clock.

Sally then met a man online, a physician named John who had recently lost his wife. Except John wasnt real, it was actually Elisa in disguise. The friendship grew intimate, they talked on the phone (It was Elisa putting on a husky voice). He seemed like the perfect man but when they were due to meet he said he had lung cancer.

“In fact, all the e-mails and all this contact with the consultant were a complete fiction invented and maintained, day after day, by the defendant.”

Sally quit her job to care for Elisa and spent 2,000 on a bucket list of activities for her. She even had a final birthday party where tons of people came along and cried.

Sallys husband was growing suspicious. After John died suddenly he confronted her but claimed her lies were so believable that he felt embarrassed for asking.

When Elisa said that her father was planning to take her home Sally went to the hospital. This was when she learned the truth that they had never even heard of Elisa.

Sally has now moved to France to try and piece her life back together. Elisa has been sentenced to two years and eight months for stalking and causing serious alarm or distress.

Wow. That is one cruel and sinister lady. We hope that things work out OK for Sally and her family.

H/T: Metro, The Mirror

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