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Lady GaGa Opens Up About Panic Attacks, Reveals Her Song With Florence Welch, Gushes About Bradley Cooper, & MORE!

By / June 14, 2018

On Monday, the performer dished all about her longtime struggle with panic attacks, and how they finally seem to be easing up:

“I still panic, but I’m older now and I’m working through it and it doesn’t take over my entire day anymore or stop me from being able to do my job or stop me from having a good evening with my friends.”

Little Monsters will be glad to know the artist is having a better time coping with the onslaughts! The 30-year-old also explain how she’s been able to get through the attacks, adding:

“When I have those moments, I have to keep in perspective that I’m freaking out about music, which is essentially a fun thing, show business which is essentially a fun thing, and if I’m freaking out about life and things that are important like friends being sick and so on, like that I just try to say there’s other people in the world that deal with the same issues as me and I’m not alone. It just helps to calm me down!”

The New York native didn’t reveal the specific day her album will be released, but did stress that her record will arrive before 2017:

“Really soon! I can’t give you the exact date yet but it’s coming this year and it’s not very far away. I’m actually going to be in the studio tonight with Mark Ronson, who basically executive produced the whole album, oversaw the whole process. Tonight to continue finishing, so it’s coming out!”

Plus, the songstress also teamed up with Florence Welch for an emotional collab about feminism and unity among women. The star spilled about the track she made with the Florence + The Machine singer:

“Florence and I, when we were working together, we cried, we laughed, we hugged each other. … It’s called Hey Girl. The lyrics of it in the beginning are, I say Hey girl, can you hear me? Are you holding out your heart?’ And then she sings to me, Hey girl, do you feel me? Sometimes I go too far.’ And I say, Hey girl, it ain’t easy. I know it’s pulling me apart. Hey girl, don’t you leave me. Hey girl, don’t you leave me. Hey girl, hey girl, we can make it easy if we lift each other. We don’t need to keep on oneing-up another.”

GaGa also totally raved about Bradley Cooper, too:

“Bradley Cooper is amazing to work with. He’s so talented. He’s so fun. He’s really my friend. And it’s so good to have someone that you’re friends with that kind of knows what your life is like, and is in the public eye.”

And, she dished that — in addition to starring in his flick A Star Is Born — she will be making the soundtrack for their upcoming film:

“I’m doing the soundtrack! I’m the executive producer! It’s not a silent abstract performance piece! Maybe I needed to say that though because it’s me! The album is just going to be an egg, an egg with a star in it! I am not going to give away anything about the film in that way, I want everyone to experience it.”

Speaking of acting, the Born This Way performer also chatted about her role in American Horror Story‘s sixth installment:

“I would just say that I am definitely not playing the Countess. I am so excited it’s a great season. I got to work with some of the most talented actors in the world. I’m so honored to know all of them. It’s a different character. I’m not in the entire season but she’s something else!”

You can listen to GaGa’s entire interview (below)!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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